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10 Best Apps for Education That You Must Install Right Away

Is there an educator who keeps neglecting the boost that technology can give to their lectures? Thanks to different apps and online tools, students can learn faster and more effectively. When the teacher presents the right app at the right time, students may even enjoy the learning process. The only problem is: which apps should educators use?


Choosing a random app through a brief Google search won’t do the trick. Teachers and parents need to pick these apps carefully, in accordance with the students’ level, understanding, needs, and interests. Take a look at these 10 great educational apps, which can serve as your starting point.

  1. Lumosity

This wonderful app is appropriate for different students at various ages. It’s based on daily activities that require simple mental functions, which have the purpose to train the user’s brain to be faster and more precise. The games are different, so they keep the player’s attention. For example, you may need to match tiles after you briefly viewed them, so you’ll test your memory. With time, you’ll notice how you’re getting better at remembering the symbols and their positions.

  1. Loose Strands

If you ever tried teaching students how to write, you know it’s the most overwhelming challenge in the world. Most students aren’t interested enough in developing writing skills, so they end up using an essay writing service like because they need the help of professionals to improve their skills. Teachers can make progress if they introduce this app, which is based on storytelling. The readers follow a story and choose a desired outcome, but they must make sure the plot makes sense.

  1. Google Maps

People usually use this app for navigation, but guess what: it’s the perfect tool for exploring the world. Students can use it to understand geography lectures better, but they can also enjoy exploring new destinations in their free time.

  1. Al Gore – Our Choice

This multimedia app presents Al Gore’s plan for solving the climate crisis. The app is great for students from grades 5-12. It makes them aware of the climate issues, but it also reminds them of the responsibilities they have as individuals and as a group.

  1. Remind

The connection between teachers and students becomes much more effective thanks to this app. Teachers can use it to send SMS messages to the class or to individual students, to remind them about upcoming exams or project submission dates. They can also use it to send friendly messages and words of encouragement, especially when a student is not attending classes due to sickness or any other problem.

  1. Wikipedia

Teachers often underestimate Wikipedia, saying it’s an unreliable online resource. However, it still presents a world of knowledge in a single app. Whenever students need to find more info on a certain matter, they can access the app. They can use the app to support their arguments in class discussions, find answers to the teacher’s questions, or simply look up for information they are interested in.

  1. Algodoo

This iPad app is classified for upper elementary level. It introduces the concepts of physics through a simple drawing game. The users construct different designs and inventions, and then they analyze their designs through different parameters, such as friction, refraction, restitution, attraction, gravity, etc.

  1. Pocket Anatomy

With this app, students can explore the human body to the tiniest detail. Its 3D navigation makes it really simple to use, so the user can explore and visualize any part of the human form. The users can see 3D medical animations to understand several conditions and diseases. The app also includes quizzes, so the learners can evaluate their knowledge of anatomy after spending some time using the app. Pocket Anatomy is a useful, beautiful app for students who see their future in medicine.

  1. The NASA App

NASA generously shares knowledge and information with anyone interested in learning. Students can explore the universe thanks to this app, and they will understand the role NASA has in space exploration. The current news is always fun to read, but the users of this app usually don’t stop there. They can explore over 150,000 images, watch videos, and get updates on NASA’s current missions.

  1. Haiku Deck

This cool presentation software is available as an app for the web, iPhone, or iPad. It’s great for both teachers and students, since it helps them get away from the same old PowerPoint templates. The presentations created with this app are clean, focused, and professional-looking. There is a great choice of fonts, image filters, and layouts that enable the users to design an appealing presentation on any topic.

Apps Make Learning Exciting

With so many options out there, it would be a shame to educate students with traditional lecturing techniques. Apps are slowly replacing teachers’ roles in certain aspects, but that’s a good thing. The students can use their devices to gain valuable knowledge outside the classroom, and then they can have discussions instead of listening to boring lectures. The opportunities are endless; you just need to explore them.

Manas Shinde
Manas Shinde
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