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Digital Scam Artist Warren Ouma Behind Multiple Scams Including and

The internet is known to offer a variety of lucrative opportunities to people for making investments and earning solid returns. In fact, it has become the go-to option for many who are interested in generating higher returns on their investment, as opposed to what traditional investment options are offering. While there is no harm in doing that, you need to be aware of the pitfalls. Online trading and investment can certainly be beneficial, but it is not without risks.

Digital Scam Artist Warren Ouma Behind Multiple Scams

There has been an exponential increase in cybercrimes in the financial realm, which is not surprising, given the amounts of money involved. These scams and frauds may have been basic once upon a time, but this is no longer the situation. Today, the financial scams are very sophisticated and not that easy to spot, which means caution needs to be exercised at every step. The perpetrators behind these scams are aware of the vulnerabilities that can be exploited and use them to their advantage.

This is evident in the case of Warren Ouma, a digital scam artist from Nairobi, Kenya, who has links with a number of scam websites and platforms. His association with these platforms brought him to attention and people are now realizing how shady he is. Out of the scams he is supposedly connected with, two of the well-known ones are mentioned as follows. – Reputation extortion

The first platform that Ouma is purportedly linked with is, a website that may seem authentic initially, but is actually involved in reputation extortion. This particular malicious practice is designed to share fake bad reviews about individuals and businesses to ruin their reputation. When these people or entities try to get the issue resolved and the fabricated reviews taken down, they are extorted. They have to pay substantial sums of money to get the reviews removed, or else suffer from the damage.

This is precisely what TopEdgeFx is doing, as it shares negative reviews about many online trading platforms and brokers. However, you should take note that none of these reviews are authentic and have simply been fabricated to extort businesses. The platforms are undoubtedly suffering because of it, but it also means that the website is misleading those who are relying on it to make their decisions. The fact that Warren Ouma is linked to this website makes it clear that he cannot be trusted. – Investment scam

With thousands of people making their investments online, there has been a massive increase in the number of investment platforms that have been established. Every platform touts itself the best and the same is the case with But, its claims manage to draw the attention because the returns that are promised are downright impressive. In addition, these returns are promised without requiring any effort on your part, which makes them hard to resist.

However, this is precisely what such investment scams count on, which means you cannot let your guard down. In reality, is not an authentic investment platform; it is actually a Ponzi scheme that has been cleverly disguised. To put it simply, it uses the funds collected from new investors to pay earlier investors and this cycle continues. These Ponzi schemes eventually collapse and people end up losing a lot of money. Since Warren Ouma is also reportedly associated with, it is further proof that he is up to no good.

Warren Ouma’s details

In order to carry out his operations, Ouma has launched a company by the name of Delipress Kenya, which is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Address: 71489 00622 Nairobi Kenya 00100 KE

Phone Number: +254.0740955210

Warren Ouma’s details

Ending Thoughts

As Warren Ouma is connected to shady and fraudulent platforms like and, it is a lesson for you to be wary of such individuals. When you are investing or trading online, you should never take anything for granted and always be careful and do your research.

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